Daphne Lawless
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"undinal songs"

Daphne's second album, released in March 2002 by Random Static, is a collection of more recent songs reflecting a wider range of musical influences. An undine is a water spirit, similar to a naiad or mermaid.
Reviews: CollectedSounds.com, Real Groove

Track TitleLengthLyrics Sample *
1The Reason Why 4:59You've got me hanging... MP3 (658KB)
2Sparks 4:43I want you to touch me... MP3 (507KB)
3Anastasia's Clone 4:59Anastasia had jet black hair...
4Anderson's Jig /
Behind the Bush in the Garden
3:35[instrumental] MP3 (507KB)
5Two Swans 3:05Spring is cruel...
6Our Mutual Friend 6:59I was looking for the... MP3 (545KB)
7Would It Still Be All Right 2:41Would it still be all right if...
8Water Music 5:26I sat beside the water...
Esperanto bonus tracks (translations of songs from "facing image"):
9Hejmen Mi Flugus 3:21Estas vintro en mia urbo...
10La Sorĉistetino 5:27Pala ŝminko, nigra velur'... MP3 (662 KB)

* Samples are reduced quality mono extracts from the album, and do not reflect the quality of the CD itself.

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