Daphne Lawless
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"facing image"

Daphne's first album was self-published in late 2000, and was subsequently re-released by Random Static in December 2001. It's a "story so far" of Daphne's songwriting up until that point, featuring several songs previously performed with various bands (see About). "Facing image" is a literal translation of the Chinese (Mandarin) word printed on the cover; it is pronounced duxing, and a more figurative translation is "girlfriend".

Track TitleLengthLyrics Sample *
1Face at the Window 4:55Someone's looking in...
2Weekend Witch 5:29Black eyeliner... MP3 (610KB)
3World Without End 5:24Ten days through... MP3 (788KB)
4Living in Wartime 5:27When you're living...
5Hands Upon the Wheel 5:25No good looking...
6Fly Away Home 3:20It's winter in my city... MP3 (685KB)
7Facing Image 4:09[instrumental]

* Samples are reduced quality mono extracts from the album, and do not reflect the quality of the CD itself.

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