Daphne Lawless
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Anastasia EP cover

Anastasia EP

The slightly fictitious adventures of Stacey the Weekend Witch and all her demented friends, available for the first time on a single CD. Two old tracks re-recorded and remixed; one brand new song continuing the story; and the first ever official Daphne Lawless live track. Funny because it's true. A must-listen.

Click here for Daphne's liner notes explaining the background and storyline.

Track Title Length Lyrics Sample *
1 Weekend Witch (2006) 5:32 Black eyeliner, black velvet dress... at Sellaband
2 Anastasia's Clone (2006) 4:59 Anastasia had jet black hair...
3 Crowley in a Previous Life 4:36 Sebastian loved Anastasia... MP3 (1 M)
OGG (1 M)
4 Weekend Witch (live) 5:59 Black eyeliner, black velvet dress...

* Samples are reduced quality mono extracts from the album, and do not reflect the quality of the CD itself.

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