Daphne Lawless
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Salient issue 6, April 15, 2002

Local Release:

Undinal Songs

Daphne Lawless
Released on Random Static

Daphne Lawless

Daphne Lawless is a young Wellington female singer/songwriter who has been writing and preforming in Wellington now for the last couple of years. She has played at many venues around town, most recently at Girls in Space at the Space in Newtown, which is a night of music dedicated solely to Wellington's female performers.

Undinal Songs is her second album, and it's definitely an interesting one to listen to. To create her original sound, she uses synth/keyboard sounds, and sometimes a CD of backng tracks when playing live.

Daphne's music has been described as "intelligent electro-pop - highly accessible yet complex and interesting". She draws inspiration from artists such as Kate Bush, the Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode and Leonard Cohen.

For more information on Daphne and how to purchase her album Undinal Songs, you can visit www.daphnelawless.com.

By the way, and undine is a water goddess, in case you were wondering.

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