Daphne Lawless
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Independent Herald, December 5, 2000

Girls in Space coming in to land

Keyboard performer and songwriter Daphne Lawless teams up with three other women performers to present Girls in Space's final show for the year.

The Crofton Downs musician and fellow artists - vocalist and guitarist Rachel Darwick, saxophonist Jhan of dub band Project and guitarist Daphne Owers - will perform at Newtown's The Space on December 6.

Established a year ago, Girls in Space is organised by Ms Owers and Magdalena Aotearoa's Sally Rodwell to offer women musicians, actors and poets the chance to perform in a relaxed environment.

A band musician for 10 years, Ms Lawless calls her original music "atmospheric" and similar to Kate Bush and Tori Amos' work.

She has released a home-produced seven-track CD entitled Facing Image.

Daphne Lawless
Photo: Dionne Ward S2446
Space Girl: Crofton Downs musician
and songwriter Daphne Lawless will
perform in Girls In Space's final
show of 2000 tomorrow.

"I wrote songs, but as nobody was interested in the lyrics so I started singing as well," she says.

"I have been told my music is emotionally intense, and some people get uncomfortable with that."

Ms Lawless says her music is as important to her as breathing.

When asked where she gets ideas for songs from, she says, "I could be flippant and say I get them from a mail order catalogue.

"I am inspired by people I meet, the world around me, or nothing more than sitting by a stream, listening to water flow past the pebbles.

"I like to make sure everything I do has a little bit of magic."

Ms Lawless is also writing a thesis at Victoria University about images of women in 19th century New Zealand novels.

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