Daphne Lawless
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Express, February 27, 2002

Typos, inaccurate captions, and Daphne's surname mysteriously changing part way through the article are as printed in Express, and are not the fault of the credited writer.

Daphne Lawless


Picture a dark-haired spirit, floating blissfully on the water, then compare it to the cover of Daphne Lawless's Undinal Songs, due to be launched on February 28 as part of the Fringe 2002 Festival. Lawless' debut CD, Facing Image, was released in 2000 and mirrored some unhappy life experiences. But Undinal Songs is more positive, polished and diverse, with Lawless (pictured above) describing the last track, Water Music, as, 'probably the most cheerful and optomistic' song she's written.

An 'undine' is a water spirit, and many of the songs for the album were written by Lawless beside a creek near her home. The launch of Undinal Songs will also feature percussionist/vocalist Jude Hutton, who played with Savage when they were part of Bonsai Jungle. As well as some older tracks, Savage intends to feature several favourites from the new album.

Following the Wellington launch at The Market Space, Savage plans include performances in Auckland and Australia.

More information via www.daphnelawless.com


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